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Monday, 23 January 2017

Amazing Youtube Hidden Secrets Tricks You Must Try It 2017

Hi guys today we are going to share with you such a great awesome and amazing tricks of Youtube. This is interesting topic of secrets tricks which you can use easily, Hope you like it and share with your friends.

(1) Youtube keyboard Shortcuts:- 

Youtube keyboard Shortcuts:-


if you push         (1) 'k' it was stop your video,
                           (2) 'j' will rewinded your video.
                           (3) 'L' for fast palying video.
                           (4) 'M' mute the audio of the video.
                           (5) 'shift+N' skip to the next video.
                           (6) 'shift+p' for previous video.

(2) Use The Force Luck :- 

Use The Force Luck


if you type in YouTube 'use The Force Luck'.its make your screen up down and drag me down from side to side and use force to move your screen.. 

(3) Do The Harlem Shake :-

Do The Harlem Shake


Hey guys i'm sure you love it and you really enjoy it. so friend type in youtube search box ' Do The Harlem Shake' and wait just second and then you can see magic in your screen like a dancing with music.plz share it with your friend and make him or her happy hope you like it.

(4) Doge meme :- 

Doge meme


Friend type in youtube search box 'Doge Meme'. it will transform your youtube screen in colourfull and actuly its really cool and beautiful.

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