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Monday, 23 January 2017

Best Google Hidden Tricks You Must Know About It 2017

Hi friends whats up? today we are going to talk about some hidden tricks of google search. That You Might Not Know About it, So lets get start.

(1) Do A Barrel Roll :- 

First go to google search and type 'Do a barrel roll'.then you can see 360dg. left.

Do A Barrel Roll

(2) Atari Breakout :- 

Next is 'atari breakout' type in google search-engine and go to images. then this old school break bracking game load up and you can play it.

(3) Tilt :- 

Type 'tilt' in a google and see google tilted view.

(4) Google gravity :-

write google gravity in google search box and click on google search result first link and see google gravity. You will see everything fallin down, So called the graviity effect.

google gravity

(5) :- 

write' in address bar. You will have search google mirror effect page..Also if you notice the web address is actually google reverse. lower below you have lots of additionally effect like underwater, for a underwater effect on the google search page.


(6) Google sphere :-

 In googel search 'google sphere' in search box and click on first link,for the  glob effect.


(7) Zerg rush :- 

search 'zerg rush' and you will see this rendome effects.


(8) Google pacman :-

this is google game. just you have to write 'google pacman' in google search engine and you can see this game and you can paly it.


(9) Google guitar :-

 'google guitar' search box and click on first link and you can play it very well.


(10) Google rainbow :-

 oh yaa google rainbow search in google and you will get search reslut and click on first link and will see this ..


(11) Google in 1980 :-

 when you type this and you can get search result and click on fist link then see magic .... link


(12) Google pond :- 

search this turm in google and click on this site link and see magic..


(13) Google in space :- 

Click on first link and will see it.

(14) Blink Html :- 

Just type in google search ' Blink Html ' And watch..

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