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Monday, 6 February 2017

Top 4 Impossible Computer Tricks Which You Should Know About It

Hey Friends, Today i'm gonna show you top 5 Computer tricks which you must know about guys don't west your time and check or read this post and then share it with your friends.

#1. The Folders That Can't Be Created.. :-

If you know in computer you can make folders and give rename? obviously you have positive Answer, but... There are some exceptions.

If you made folder and give name it but this words you can use for give name folder. see this words which you can't use for give folder name.

The Folders That Can't Be Created


#2 Make your Computer Speak And Find Your Computer's Gender :-

Computer's Gender

Could you know about your Computer or laptop gender male or female? than make this friend here i give you trick for making software. So first copy this code,

Dim Message, Speak Message=InputBox("Enter text","Speak") Set Speak=CreateObject("sapi.spvoice") Speak.Speak Message

And past in your notepad and save name as speaking software.vbs and  run the software and type something in this and then the computer will narrate the given text! if sound like male then your computer is male and sound like female then your laptop or computer is female.

#3 Turn Your Screen Upside Down :-

Turn Your Screen Upside Down


For this tricks you can do your computer or laptop screen upside and downside. you have to press keybords keys Ctrl+Alt hold and down key press, and your screen downside.

#4. Tab Re - Open :-

Tab Re - Open

 Some time we use google chrome and open so many tabs and by mistake we close our important tab. So what we do for re open tab which closed by us? be cool never mind just press the keybord key  Ctrl+shift+t hold and you can get your closed teb re open.

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